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About Antalya

The ancient and beautiful city of Antalya on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coastline has become known as the capital of Turkish tourism because it is such an attractive resort effortlessly combining historic charm with modern facilities, amenities and a great night life that it attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every year.

Antalya is extremely easily and cheaply accessible because of its international airport which is serviced by many charter flight companies throughout the year and the resort attracts both sun seekers looking for a relaxing or hedonistic holiday and those in search of culture, history and natural and architectural beauty.  As a result of all these facts demand for property for sale in Antalya is growing in intensity.

Those seeking the next investment property hotspot recognise that Antalya has massive potential as a resort and therefore offers intense medium to long term investment potential for the real estate owners and developers who get in on the market early. 

The resort is centred around the stunning old yacht harbour and from here ancient streets wind up to the old town.  The city has an incredible museum that houses relics from the entire Antalya region that date back thousands of years, and from the city many amazing archaeological sites and ruins are easily accessible.  Away from the harbour are sandy beaches and all around the resort are hotels, bars, restaurants, entertainment facilities and great shopping; meaning that whatever your taste, your every whim and desire can be catered for in Antalya!

The demand for holiday accommodation during the peak season in this part of Turkey is intense and hotel beds are quickly allocated with the major tour operators hogging many of the best spots for their customers.  Many independent travellers seek out self catering accommodation instead, so those who buy to let in Turkey’s Antalya region are assured of a good rental demand during the summer season that runs from May to September.

If you’re interested in buying an apartment to let out they start from around GBP 22,000 for a simple 1 bedroom flat near Lara Beach and only a short drive from Antalya city centre and go up to around GBP 45,000 for a three bedroom well located and appointed apartment that shares communal facilities.  Alternatively, if you want luxury you can purchase a five bedroom luxury duplex apartment in the best shopping area of the city for around GBP 95,000 currently or a four bedroom duplex apartment with unrivalled and incredible sea views which is actually right on the seafront for GBP 230,000.

If you would like to buy a holiday villa that you and your family can benefit from and that you can occasionally rent out when it suits you, villas close to the city centre and just meters from the beach start from around GBP 200,000 for three bedrooms and the use of a communal pool.

As you may have realised, property for sale in Antalya is more expensive than in many other Turkish resorts.  This is because the area is so popular, it is close to an international airport, the city is one of the most desirable places to live on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline, and you have full access to such an amazing array of facilities, amenities and attractions.  While property may be more expensive than in other areas of Turkey it is still significantly cheaper than more traditional Mediterranean markets such as in Spain, France and Italy.  In fact, property for sale in this region of Turkey is only more expensive than property in North Cyprus.

We are offering good value for money currently and it is projected that property prices in this part of Turkey will continue to rise in the medium term, therefore if you buy an overseas investment property in Turkey today you are potentially tapping into great capital growth potential and access to a growing rental market that demands quality holiday accommodation for at least five months of the year.


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